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Shopping for a Colorado auto insurance policy doesn’t have to be a hassle or take up a lot of your valuable time. With the convenience of the Internet, you can compare multiple CO auto insurance quotes side by side in a matter of minutes.

Our free CO car insurance quote tool makes shopping for car insurance quick and easy. All you have to do to get started is type in your zip code at the top of the page.

When shopping for car insurance rates, it is always important that you shop around and compare quotes to make sure that you get the best deal possible. It is also important to know some auto insurance basics. Check out some of the topics on here to find out what you need to know about Colorado auto insurance.

Tips for Finding the Cheapest Colorado Auto Insurance Rates

You may be thinking that you pay too much for car insurance but that it is out of your control to lower your rates. Did you know that there are some ways that you can lower your CO auto insurance rates?

Auto insurance companies look at a variety of factors that determine the auto insurance rate they will assign to you. Some of these things are out of your control. However, some of them you can change to help lower your rates.

Some of the factors that are out of your control include:

  • Gender: Females are considered to be lower risk drivers than males
  • Age: Younger drivers and elderly drivers typically cost more to insure.

Some of the factors that you can control include:

  • Type of car you drive: Cars that are more prone to theft or are expensive to repair generally cost more to insure
  • Credit Score: Some insurance companies look at your credit score to help determine your rate and consider people with low credit scores to be of higher risk
  • Driving Violations: Driving violations can increase you auto insurance rates

Knowing some of the things that affect your CO auto insurance rate may help you to find ways to lower your rates and save you money on auto insurance!

Colorado Car Insurance Companies

When shopping for car insurance, it is important to choose a company that is well known and that has a good reputation.

Some of the top car insurance companies in Colorado include:

  • Geico
  • Allstate
  • State Farm
  • Progressive
  • Amica

Some things you may want to look for when choosing an auto insurance company include:

  • Discounts: Many auto insurance companies offer their customers discounts for things like safe driving and low mileage. Look for discounts that apply to you so you can save money on your auto insurance rates.
  • Reputation: You will want to know that your auto insurance company has a good reputation for customer service and the way theuy handle claims. Companies like A.M Best give companies ratings that can be very helpful to consumers.
  • Rates: Compare many rates from different auto insurance companies to see which company can offere you the best rates.
  • Bulk Discounts: Some insurance companies offer discounts to people who use them for more than one type of insurance. If your homeowner’s insurance company also sells auto insurance you may want to see if they will offer you a discount on your auto insurance policy.

Colorado Auto Insurance Minimum Requirements

Everyone who operates a vehicle in the state of Colorado is required to have auto insurance. If you are caught driving without an auto insurance policy in place there can be serious consequences.

Each state has certain minimum requirements that must be met when purchasing an auto insurance policy. These are just the minimum requirements. You may need more coverage depending on your situation.

The Colorado minimum state requirements are as follows:

  1. Bodily Injury Liability: $25,000 per person
  2. Bodily Injury Liability: $50,000 per accident
  3. Property Damage Liability: $15,000 per occurrence

Some other types of auto insurance that are not required by the state of Colorado but they may be helpful to you include:

  1. Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage: This will cover you if you are in an accident that is not your fault but the other driver does not have auto insurance
  2. Collision Coverage: This will cover damages to your car if you are in an accident that does not involve another car. For example, you run into a tree.
  3. Comprehensive Coverage: This covers damages to your car from things like fire, theft or vandalism.

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With our free Colorado car insurance quote tool you can compare multiple quotes from top Colorado car insurance companies side by side. It is quick and easy to use and could save you money on your car insurance policy.

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